Being Ok with Not Having the Answer

First off, sorry I missed last week’s post.  Between a cold, family visiting, and a busy time with BrightGauge I didn’t make enough time to polish a post I started.  It made me realize how hard this writing can be but also how much I enjoy getting posts out because of the rewarding feeling it provides.  Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming… and let me tell you… I feel like this right now:


This week (and the past two weeks really) I’ve been working on a project that doesn’t have a clear answer or solution right now.  There are so many unknowns and it’s such a large and complex project.  I’ve taken my own advice and focused on breaking down this large, complex monster into pieces (living agile) but regardless, it’s been tough to figure out how to break it down since the end goal isn’t clear yet.  As you can imagine, or even relate, it’s been terribly frustrating and has been an all-consuming mental exercise.  It reminds me of an old post about having “startup grit” which applies so strongly right now.

As I write this, though, I’ve started to come to terms with being ok that there is no clear path yet or no solution.  I’m grinding it out with the faith that the path will clear up soon so I can get back into a normal rhythm of problem solving and incremental wins.  Big problems in their nature are extremely hard to solve, and having the faith of not having the answer can go a long way, even if just for your own sanity.

Hopefully next week I’ll be in a better spot… scratch that… next week I WILL be in a better spot!

And since I love SPANX, :), here is a quote that could be helpful for me (and you).  “Embrace what you don’t know, especially in the beginning, because what you don’t know can become your greatest asset.”  Sara Blakely, SPANX Founder.