This week’s impactful content shared with me

This week I haven’t stopped thinking about two really interesting and impactful pieces of content that were shared with me by close friends.  The first one is an 2011 Ted talk by Ric Elias who was on flight 1549 which crash-landed in the Hudson River in 2009 (thanks to Sulley it was a smooth landing… and I just like saying Sulley).  In a 5 minute talk, Ric eloquently describes what he learned about himself in those final minutes when he realized he may not survive.  Even if you watched this talk back then, you will definitely appreciate watching it again for his great reminders about what’s most important in life.  Here is the full link:

Not to spoil anything but listen for two things,  1) a great “wine” one-liner and 2) his final lesson.  His final lesson hit home with me and probably for many of our readers.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks to my long time close friend Gabe Hines for sharing.


The second piece of content is a recent Tim Ferriss episode with the founder of Scorpion (both a company and a hit TV show), Walter O’Brien.  Walter is a brilliant thinker (literally, genius level IQ) and this episode was not only mind-blowing in what he’s accomplished but also so satisfying in hearing his approach to life.  For someone of his intellect and reach around the world, he has this great sense of purpose and, more importantly, a great sense of doing right vs. wrong.  And after listening to this episode we should all collectively say “thank goodness” because if he leaned more to the dark side he could create some serious havoc in our world.  One thing to listen for is his quick comments on Mother Teresa vs. Bill Gates.  I thought that was most telling about his take on life and really insightful.  Also note, he is not really in the TV business but the hit TV show is based on his real life and company.

Though I’m a huge Tim Ferriss podcast fan, this episode came highly recommended from another close friend, Chad DiStefano.  Chad went out of his way to suggest I listen to it ASAP so I stopped my audio-book and gave it listen immediately.  It was 100% well worth the two hours (yes, that long) and so happy I stopped what I was reading to hear this podcast.  Thanks Chad!

Hope you can make time for these two pieces of content.  You won’t regret it!