Don’t let Mike Tyson stop your planning

Over the past two months at BrightGauge we’ve been in heavy duty planning mode.  We’ve discussed 10 year plans, 3 year plans, 1 year plans, 90 day plans… all with the goal of having a synchronized picture of where we’re heading as a company. It’s been energizing, exhausting, and all in between.

The times when it was exhausting, we were really down in the dumps.  My brother and I would stop and ask ourselves why go through these planning exercises at all.  The reality is that we’ve put plans and targets in place in the past that have either failed miserably or haven’t even gotten off the ground. And we all know the famous Mike Tyson quote pictured below.


Mike Tyson seemingly got it right,and it made a lot of sense to us during these negative times.  But it wasn’t until one morning that I realized… wait… am I really letting Mike Tyson ruin my planning?  Didn’t he bite a guy’s ear off one time?  Isn’t he one of the most troubled human beings out there?  Sure, the picture and quote above is powerful, but how about this gif below.  Same person as above… just a little bit older… a little bit wiser.

tyson gif

Thankfully that gif, among many others, helped me realize that I shouldn’t let Mike Tyson stop me from fruitful planning, and he shouldn’t stop you either.  If there is quote to follow around planning, I think we should all go with Winston Churchill.


Happy Friday!  And happy planning to everyone!

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