Reflections from Mr. Mom


This week/weekend I am traveling with my wife and daughter to a beach resort where my wife is attending a conference with her fellow dermatologists.  I had a blog post almost finished but have had to take over watching my daughter while my wife is “conferencing.”  It made me reflect on why I blog in the first place, which in a simplified short answer is: because I love the act of getting my thoughts out.  So while a little disappointed I couldn’t finish my original intention, I was able to instead reflect on how much more rewarding parenting is than any other personal enjoyment or professional goal.

With my daughter being over a year old, it’s now alot more fun and easy to watch/care for her during the times Jackie is conferencing… or at work… or on a girls trip (yes, a girls trip… lucky her! – I know).  I call these days “Mr. Mom days” (from the movie pictured above) and, though I like to give Jackie a hard time when it’s my turn to be “Mr. Mom,” I secretly love these days and look forward to them.  The days that I’m “Mr. Mom” I’m reminded how fortunate I am (and was) to have great parents, how incredible my wife is at being “mama,” and how unbelievably important it is for all of us to be good parents and role models for the next generation.

We happen to be traveling with great friends to this conference who share our same values. We’ve talked a bit about how we could do more charity work, get more involved in non-profits, etc.  To me, though, it all starts with being a great parent.  The better the parents, the more likely the kids are to turn out well, to be good members of society, and therefore to pass on great qualities to future generations.  There is no more noble work for all of humanity than to be a great parent.

Today has been a great day and I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend.  My hats off to all the mothers and Mr. Moms out there doing a great job.  And for those who are not… wake it up… the world needs you to step up your game!