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Don’t let Mike Tyson stop your planning

Over the past two months at BrightGauge we’ve been in heavy duty planning mode.  We’ve discussed 10 year plans, 3 year plans, 1 year plans, 90 day plans... all with the goal of having a synchronized picture of where we’re heading as a company. It’s been energizing, exhausting, and all in between. The times when it was exhausting, we were really... Read more

Work-You, Personal-You

When I was younger I heard over and over again that I better pick something I love to do, because I would be doing it for a long time.  It was this kind of ominous advice that truly meant “hey, enjoy yourself as a kid because you will have a job the rest of your life, and it’s going to... Read more

This week’s impactful content shared with me

This week I haven’t stopped thinking about two really interesting and impactful pieces of content that were shared with me by close friends.  The first one is an 2011 Ted talk by Ric Elias who was on flight 1549 which crash-landed in the Hudson River in 2009 (thanks to Sulley it was a smooth landing... and I just like saying Sulley).  In... Read more

Being Ok with Not Having the Answer

First off, sorry I missed last week’s post.  Between a cold, family visiting, and a busy time with BrightGauge I didn’t make enough time to polish a post I started.  It made me realize how hard this writing can be but also how much I enjoy getting posts out because of the rewarding feeling it provides.  Ok, back to your regularly... Read more