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The duality of a non-venture backed business

“No pressure... but get your job done quickly” “Don’t worry about the quarter end... but we can’t have a another month like that” “That bug can wait until tomorrow... actually... not really”
These are the jokes Larry, BrightGauge’s Director of Sales, and I make with each other constantly.  I share them... Read more

Brian’s Favorite Content of 2015

Two posts in one week by me?  This is craziness I know!  But I had to leave you with my favorite content from 2015 before the year is a distant memory. I must preface the list by saying there were two “game changers” for me in consuming content in 2015. First was my discovery of a relatively new “read later” app,... Read more

Emotional Intelligence in a Startup

As we grow BrightGauge and have started to hire more people, I’ve spent more and more time reflecting on what has made our team special to date.  In our fast paced environment and small team, that last thing we need is  to spoil the dynamic with a wrong hire.  My first realization was needing people on our core team that had Read more

Defining a Successful Startup

Over the past month I’ve really enjoyed the feedback from my posts about what I feel it takes to build a successful startup (I define a startup as any new company able to grow fast).  If you missed the posts, the summary is I believe startups need to have the Teamwork” and I used a word that I don’t normally use...grit.  It felt natural while writing the post due to the connotation of an old tough westerner but I wasn’t sure if I was using the word correctly.  So I... Read more