Brian Dosal

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Short Version
  • Born and raised in Miami, FL
  • Graduated from the University of Notre Dame, with a degree in Management Information Systems
  • Was the Eugene Fanning Award Recipient for Excellence in Communications and captain of the NCAA D-1 National Championship Fencing Team.
  • After graduation, I decided sales was the best way to learn about the tech industry and went to work for IBM in the mid-west.
  • Even though I was in farm country, I found it hard to get my hands dirty as part of  corporate America. In 2006, I moved back to Miami to join the family business.
  • In 2007, I began leading the company’s sales team and grew the Managed Services Division by 11x over 5 years.
  • Sold the Managed Services Division to Konica Minolta in 2012.
  • Developed the idea for BrightGauge in 2010, began the company in 2011, and currently manage all aspects of the company related to product, design, development and managing our integrations.
The Long(er) Version

My brother and I were raised in a close-knit, hard working family in Miami FL. I know the experiences we share as brothers is one of the reasons we work so well together- we both value a commitment to hard work, and recognize the importance of family.My father owned a systems integration business called Compuquip, which is still around today, and I distinctly remember the commitment and dedication he had to making his business a success. I have memories of two family vacations that were postponed or canceled because a key employee left or he was in the middle of a big deal or negotiation. I saw first hand the kind of commitment and dedication that was needed to lead a small team in a successful business. If I had to sum up my childhood in two words, I would say “commitment” and “family”.

During high school, I worked entry level jobs at Compuquip, learning the ins and outs of  this business and experiencing the satisfaction that comes from the “grind” of working for a small and growing business. I was fortunate enough to be accepted by and ultimately attend the University of Notre Dame. I was pushed hard academically and athletically, but I also learned about the importance of social responsibility. Most importantly, I met my wife there, which has provided me with the opportunity to more fully understand the importance of both commitment and family.

After receiving a technology degree, I accepted a job offer from IBM, and attended IBM’s Global Sales School. I began my career in Enterprise Sales for IBM’s systems division, selling servers, laptops, and other technology products. Although I excelled at the job and enjoyed working with my colleagues, I realized that Big Blue moved too slow for me. I craved a faster pace, the challenge of the daily grind, and the more intimate camaraderie that comes from working for a small business. In 2006, I took all the lessons I learned at IBM, and headed back to Miami to join the family business. My brother preceded me there, and he had already begun moving the company forward.

In late 2007 and early 2008, we accepted the challenge of truly launching a Managed Services Division within Compuquip. Eric was the operations man, and I was in charge of sales. Even with a slowing down economy, a few early big contract wins gave us some momentum and soon our division was really growing. We fought hard and aggressively, and eventually reached $10M in revenue. We decided to sell the Managed Services Division to Konica Minolta, which was a big win for everyone involved.

During this time, my brother and I also launched  our SaaS business, BrightGauge. By 2011, I was focused solely on getting BrightGauge Software up and running, while Eric managed the continued growth and ultimate sale of Compuquip’s Managed Services Division. BrightGauge was created to fill a need- to help SMB’s make sense of their data. Since we knew the Managed Services Industry so well, that’s we trained our focus.

At BrightGauge, I have rediscovered the camaraderie and thrill of working for a small company. While we have had our share of challenges, starting and growing BrightGauge has been the best business education I’ve received since I worked for my dad in high school. When not working, I’m trying to improve my golf game, enjoying the wines of the world, and spending time with my amazing wife and daughter.