Fun Friday: Get over your competition

For my entire professional career I've always been engaged in a highly competitive environment where constant thought or consideration of my competition was common place.  My first two years starting BrightGauge were the worst of those years as I was obessessed with everything my competitors would do or could do to impact my company.  All that changed earlier this year when I realized the biggest hurdle to our success was our own ability to execute.  And what a powerful realization that is… 

Since then we've made worlds of improvements to our internal processes, to our team, and to our culture.  Thanks to everything we've done (and I will say alot has to do with our team), we've been able to improve efficiency and increase sales greatly.  And we did all that without caring about the competition which are still around and I'm sure doing fine themselves.  

In the small business world we live in, every day matters.  I've talked about all those little decisions to keep tabs on and there will always be worries.  The last thing we all need is to "worry" about competition or the noise they create.  Understand them, get to know them…yes… but don't worry about them.  Keep working hard and focus on your own house and you'll kick their butt!

Happy Friday. 

Fun Friday: America’s Game

Last night marked the start of College Football and truly, the start of another great american football season upon us (sure, NFL starts next Thursday but you get the point!).  My wife and I both went to the same University and football was a big part of our fall seasons.  We were hooked every Saturday watching games from... Read more