Collaboration at 37,000 Feet

Readers of this blog know that my brother and I are in the technology business so we embrace technology whenever we can.  Today was especially unique experience…

I’m heading to Chicago today because a group of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that meet as a peer group is getting together and the main topic is about data, metrics, and KPIs.  So they asked me to speak on my experience working with MSPs and what metrics they are using plus give an overview of BrightGauge.

This week has been insane since coming back from our IT Nation after announcing our big new release 3.1 of dashboards.  So yesterday I was working on the slide deck and ran out of time, so I actually finished it 30 minutes into my flight.  But now I needed someone to review it before its 100% done.  

So after my tweaks were done I sent the file (via Google Docs) to my brother for his final edits and updates.  We chatted about the slide deck via iMessages and Skype.  After a few back and forth communications, the slide deck is done!

Technology is an amazing tool and today I was impressed at how (1) dependent I am on technology but more importantly (2) how much it helps in collaboration and working together with others.  

PS – this blog post was written at 37,000 feet in the air over Georgia, edited by my team in Miami and posted from my seat!

Vacation Success!

For the past 4 nights my family and I have been on a little vacation down in the Florida Keys (Key Largo) which I can honestly say has been the best vacation I've had in a long time.  In the past few years since starting About Eric

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