Eric Dosal

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Short Version
  • Born and raised in Miami FL
  • Graduated with honors from Gulliver Schools where I was also captain of the varsity baseball team.
  • Moved North for college, and graduated at the top of my 2000 Babson College class.
  • Was the 2000 Babson College recipient of the Wallace P Mors Award for Excellence in Finance
  • After graduation, I headed to the capital of finance and began my career as an investment banker on Wall Street.
  • Headed back to Miami to join Compuquip, our family business in 2002
  • By 2005, I was the company’s top sales rep, and was managing 60% of the company’s revenue.
  • With a team of 8, I started the Managed Services Division in 2007 with my brother.
  • We grew the division by 11X ($800K to $8.8MM) in 5 years, and sold it to Konica Minolta in 2012.
  • Launched BrightGauge Software along with my brother as a side business in 2010.
  • Promoted to President & CEO of all of our family businesses in 2012.
  • Jumped into BrightGauge full time in 2013 to manage sales, marketing, customer success and operations.
  • Currently spending 95% of my time focused on BrightGauge and the remaining time overseeing our IT Security consulting firm Compuquip and our connectivity company Blue Wave Communications.
The Long(er) Version

As a child in Miami, FL, I was fortunate enough to watch as my father built and grew his own company. The family business was the fabric that knitted us together, and I always knew I would be part of it. I learned about the business from the ground up, spending summers at Compuquip working for minimum wage and plenty of hands on experience. During those summers, I learned not only the ins and outs of Compuquip and the foundations of sales, marketing, and finance, but also the value of hard work and dedication to the success of a company.

Those hot Miami summers ignited my love of business, especially finance. I headed to Babson College in Wellesley, MA, ready for four years of cold weather, great friendships, and intensive learning. Playing on the college’s baseball team reinforced my commitment to hard work and taught me important strategies about playing the odds, both of which are important to business success. During my junior year, I fell in love with finance, and decided upon graduation I would follow my heart to New York City and get a job on Wall Street. While I loved finance and living in New York City, after two intense years of 90+ hour work weeks, I realized I hated being a banker. I was working long hours for very little personal gain, so I took my knowledge and experience and headed home to Miami and the family business.

Compuquip was about to grow exponentially, and my father had asked for my help. Upon my arrival, my first project was to help with an acquisition of another business. Successfully completed in 2002, this acquisition continues to be the cornerstone of Compuquip’s business model. I then turned my focus to sales and account management, quickly learning customers do business with people they like. Building and nurturing relationships became my first order of business.

In 2007, my father asked me and my brother to launch our Managed Services Division. With 8 employees on my team, we began to aggressively grow the division, reaching just shy of $9M in revenue over the next five years. We decided to sell the Managed Services Division to Konica Minolta, and this experience gave me a real world MBA in Mergers & Acquisitions.

My brother and I started BrightGauge Software in 2010 as a SaaS platform. We wanted to help SMBs make sense of their data, and focused on the Managed Services Industry. I served as an advisor to the company until I joined full time in early 2013, after the sale of our Managed Services Division.

My focus was initially on developing and implementing a formal sales and marketing structure to grow the business.  That role has now evolved to managing all aspects of our Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Operations Teams.

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my amazing wife Lorena and two wonderful daughters Isabella & Andrea.